Renting at Somerset

It would be hard to pick a better place to live!
Once you live here as a renter, you are considered a Resident of Somerset Oceanfront.  Along with that comes all the privileges (and responsibilities) of living here.

And to distinguish between renters and owners, you will be considered a Tenant (a term used in various documents to distinguish between owners who are residents and renters.)

Do yourself the favor of making the transition as trouble free as possible.

First, you need to make sure your pets can live here!
Then make sure the lease you sign actually allows you to live here!
Keep in mind that the unit owner must submit the signed lease to our Board for approval at least two weeks before your move-in.
Failure to do this will delay your move in!  So, make sure it's done!

There are some other things below to help you get things set up.
So, read everything we've included below.

+What pet types are allowed?
+Dog restrictions
+Other pet restrictions
+Legal Stuff you Must Know, or Get, or the owner Must Do and Include in Your Lease (avoid Evictions!)
+Get One (or More) Common Area Key
+Be sure to lease the owners' indoor parking space (if you want) and get a remote.
+Make sure your vehicles types are "legal", and register them for parking so they don't get towed.
+Consider Customizing your Lobby Access Code for Guests
+Front (Lobby) Door Access for Residents and Guests
+Request a Balcony Surface InspectionNEW
This site is provided by Somerset Residents Ron & Susan Rockhold.