Somerset Oceanfront - Useful Facts

Here's a collection of items most residents will eventually want (or need) to read.
Certainly not knowing them can lead to trouble, fines, extra expenses, and more work.

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Keep in mind that the final authority on any of these issues is Somerset's governing documents, especially our Rules and Regulations, which often change.
So, before you invest time/money, always check the Rules and Regulations.
Click here to view the rules passed on October 9, 2014.

+Damaging your Balcony Surface is Easy, and Expensive!
+Caring for Your Balcony Surface — Important Stuff!
+Pool Area Rules
+Turtle Nesting Season
+Patio Grilling
+My Balcony Areas
+My Front Door Area
+Parking Garage
+Parking at Somerset
+Repairs/Maintenance inside my Unit
+Trash and Recycle
+Elevator for large deliveries and for moving
+Pest Control
+Common Area Access
+Front Door Entry Codes and Visitor Access
+Private Alarms
+Alarms - Smoke & Fire
+Secrets About Maintenance/Repairs
+Closing/Insurance Documents
+Leasing Your Unit
+Saving money on insurance
+What’s my unit worth in today’s market?
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